About us.

Gym Free is an idea formed and implemented by Adam Collins and Luke Rotherfield.  The idea is to have an open source of all things workout related that anyone who is interested can use.  Gym Free aims to bring together a network of people who enjoy working out and allow them to share techniques, hints and tips and anything else to do with working out via its content pages and blogging system.

Luke and Adam met in 2005 and, after 4 years of playing Water Polo together, decided they both had a passion for keeping fit, as well as trying to look good for the summer.  Unfortunately though, having both been students for the last 4 years, neither of them could afford a gym membership.  So they set about finding ways to workout without the cost.  Working out in the local park is not a new concept, however, it is also not taken advantage of enough, so after a year of free training Adam and Luke are attempting to open more peoples eyes to the free resources all around them.

All the current content pages have been put together with Luke and Adams knowledge of exercises, however they understand that many people out there have experience and they are always looking for people to join the blogging team to help spread the news of fitness.

Help make the world a fitter place, contact the admin team and let us know what you can offer.

The team


Luke's main sport is waterpolo, with 18 years of swimming as his background. Luke is one of the two co-founders of Gym Free and is the web developer for the project.


Adam's main sport is waterpolo but he is also a keen football player. With a background in sport science Adam is the lead source of all things workout. Adam is the other co-founder of Gym Free.