Exercise tv is a great resource for workout video's, and they have a section for free!" />

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Is motivation an issue for you when it comes to trying to workout?  Have you tried workout videos?  Or are you struggling to find any good workout videos on the web?  If any of these relate to you keep reading. 

Exercise tv is a website dedicated to working out, it is an awesome resource for workouts both in and out of the gym.  They have a selection of trainers who each have their own set of videos.  The videos can range from a nice relaxing yoga session, all the way to a high energy interval workouts or muscle busting weights movements.

The video attached is an example workout from Exercise tv that is available on youtube, in-fact they actually have a lot of their videos on youtube.

They are a paid service that is a little bit of a downside when you are trying to cut down costs, but its not all doom and gloom even for those of us not wishing to pay!  They offer a selection of workout videos for free, and of course all of the videos on youtube are free too!  So why not try working out to a video, see if it improves your motivation and helps get you fitter.  Be warned that the workout instructors are fit, don't be fooled by the small weights, the workouts are hard and rigorous, just what you need :)

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