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Why do people go to the gym? Is it to lose weight or to gain muscle, or is it because they have paid for a gym membership they then feel obliged to get their moneys worth? Creating gym free workout allows you to workout for the right reasons with only your desired outcomes deciding where, when and how you should exercise.

A gym membership can be very costly, especially when we pay for something that we could do elsewhere for free. A gym free workout can incur one off costs for optional equipment to aid variation and progression but is otherwise cost free. All gym based cardio exercise can be performed in the natural environment with greater health benefits while a number of body weight exercises can improve functional strength to a greater extent than gym machines. You will also save money on travelling costs as you can exercise from home or work.

Getting away from your gym membership will also allow you to workout when you want as some gyms impose time restrictions. You will also be able to vary your workout to a greater extent, with new exercises and new workout spaces such as parks etc.

A great benefit of gym free workouts is the ability to workout in the fresh air of the natural environment. It can become very tedious running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike, however, getting out in the open means constantly changing surroundings and new challenges. The fresh air, freedom and challenges will often provide greater satisfaction to both the body and mind, improving your mental and physical well being.

The simplicity of a gym free workout can be a breath of fresh air in what may be a hectic lifestyle. Whilst some people may be swayed by the cost saving alone, the true meaning of gym free is to be free of conformity and to create your own pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

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