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What is water polo?

Water polo is a water based sport(duh!) with 2 goals, a ball, 14 players and a referee.  It is not, unlike a common misconception seems to state, played on horses.  It is the longest running continuous Olympic team sport, the natural progression for swimmers and matches a great balances between technical skill and physical strength.  Water polo finds its roots in England and Scotland but is now one of the main sports of countries such as Hungry, who recently won their third consecutive Olympic gold medal. 

Why is water polo the greatest sport?

Water polo combines top skill sets from a wide range of major sports into one complete and elegant game.

Water sports: Water sports are like land based sports with an extra something. water?. Players must not only master the skills required, but overcome an element of mother nature herself.  Therefore water polo takes the best of swimming, diving, snorkeling and aqua puck.

Endurance: Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool.  This means that players must tread water whenever stationary.  As players jump out of the water up to hip height to shoot, this kind of treading water is extremely tiring.  Each possession lasts 30 seconds, this means a player can expect to sprint the length of the pool 60+ times per game.  Therefore water polo takes the best of long distance running and other endurance related sports.

Ball skills: Like football and basketball, water polo players must have excellent ball control.  Players have just 30 seconds to move the ball from one end of the pool to the other, open up a hole in the defence by passing the ball between themselves at high speed, setting up the shot and launching the ball into the goal with amazing precision so the goalie cannot stop it. See video.  Therefore water polo takes the best of football and basketball.

Strength(and violence): As the referee's cannot see what happens under the water, grappling/wrestling is a major part of polo.  As the players are in the water, wrestling takes on a whole new dimension though, as once a players head is under the water they also have to deal with not being able to breath.  Players grab, punch, twist and kick each other in attempt to get ahead of their opponent, or in a good position to receive/shoot the ball.  Therefore water polo takes the best of wrestling, rugby and American football.

So in conclusion, water polo is basically swimming, diving, snorkeling, aqua puck, long distance running, football, basketball, wrestling, rugby and American football all combined into one awesome sport.  However this post is very biased, but I recommend finding your local water polo club and giving it a try.

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