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Wii fitness, is it real?

Many people claim that using a Wii is a good way to get fit.  In fact the NHS have even supported this claim NHS endorsing story from the metro.  To test just how accurate this theory is I decided to buy my wife and I a Wii.  (it had nothing to do with me wanting one :) )

Our package came with the Wii Sports Resort game.  After a few minutes on the first game we tried, wake boarding, our shoulders where a little tired, however neither of us were inclined to call it an actual workout.  It seems though that some games are a lot easier in fitness terms than others as we were about to find out...

The next game we picked was swordplay, a game where you slash, swing and block in an attempt to smash your opponent off the platform into the water below.  The harder you swing the harder you hit.  Thus after a quick practice round, all the furniture has been rearranged to provide maximum space for a full on sword fight.  It is impossible* not to get lured into swinging as hard as you can, no-one wants to lose and the only way to win is to hit harder and faster than your opponent.  After 10 minutes both my wife and I had to have a water break as we were both sweating buckets (attractive).

The video accompanying this blog (not me or my wife) although a little cheesy does give some interesting statistics on the amount of calories you can burn playing Wii games.

So in summery, if you pick the right game the Wii is definitely a workout, testament to that is the fact neither my wife or I can move our arms this morning.  However as it states in the video, the Wii is no substitute for real workouts when it comes to burning calories.  If you have a spare £200 lying around, this is definitely an enjoyable way to burn calories in the comfort of your own home.

*not actually impossible just feels like it :)

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