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Does there have to be a set period during the day that we workout?  Are we not limiting ourselves with such a narrow-minded approach to fitness?  Are there not many opportunities during the day that we could take advantage of?  As Al Pacino says (see video) battles are won "inch by inch" so lets see what "inches" in our everyday lives we can turn from work into workout.

Missed opportunities.

  • The journey to work:  Our journey to work is begging to be taken advantage of.  Its all to easy these days to skip any chance of exercise on the way to work with the ability to park virtually on the doorstep of our places of vocation.  It's time to take the initiative.  If you live less than 3 miles from work, start walking.  Walking is a great fat burning exercise and walking 3 to 6 miles a day is a valid worth while workout.  If you drive to work, why not park on the other side of town and walk across your neighbourhood, not only do you get the workout, you might find something in your town you never knew existed.  Bonus.  Pretty soon the walk to work can become a jog and we are now taking full advantage of the situation to get a cardio workout at least 5 times a week.
  • Grocery shopping:  Grocery shopping is not a chore.  No, quite the opposite, its a fantastic opportunity to get some isometric arm workouts in.  If we were in a gym, holding 15kg in the middle position of a bicep curl for 5 minutes would be a good isometric workout.  So why does the 5 minute walk home from the grocery store with 15kg's of groceries have to be any different?  It doesn't.  If you drive to the grocery store, take 2 baskets instead of a trolley, hold your arms out in different stress positions.  You might get some funny looks, but hey, after a few weeks of those movements your going to be so stacked know-one is going to mess with you. :)  So 5 minutes around the store, rest at the checkout and 5 minutes home, that a nice 10 minute arm workout.
  • Watching TV:  How many hours a day do we watch TV?  2?  3?  Why do we not capitalise on that time to fit in some core movements.  Imagine if everyday whilst watching deal or no deal we did 200 crunches.  That's 1000 crunches every week without loosing any TV time.

So in summery

If we make use of our journey to work 5 times a week, grocery shopping 2 times a week and TV watching 5 times a week, we get a 15-30 mile jog, 20 minutes of isometric arm workouts and 1000 crunches every week without allotting any time to workout.  All of that for free

Don't get caught out thinking you have to set aside an allotted time for your workouts.  We have provided an inspirational video to get you pumped for your first week of "working a workout into everyday work".  So get out there and take each day on "inch by inch" (thanks Al) and win your battles for fitness in everything you do.

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