Protein is used by muscles to rebuild after exercise. Therefore protein should be included in meals before and after workouts so that our body's have the greatest chance to build muscle. Protein shakes are useful when a quick boost of protein is required, however the human body can only absorb and use a certain amount of protein. Taking extra protein shakes over the body's limit will not increase overall muscle gain. Protein intake should be around 1 gram per lb of body mass. Thus a 75kg adult should make sure their diet is providing around 165 grams of protein per day. Exceeding this amount will not have any benefits in terms of muscle building.


Protein shake

Protein shakes are a great way to top up your protein intake each day.

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Protein sites

Two of the biggest names in the protein shake business are and maximuscle. are a web based company that specialise in bulk purchases of protein. If you can get together with some friends and by a bulk order they offer some big discounts.

Maximuscle are market dominators for off the shelf protein. There protein is good quality, tastes good and mixes well, its hard to find a brand that fits all 3 points so well.