Workouts and movements

Working out

A workout can be performed nearly anywhere with little or no equipment. A workout can be varied to give the desired outcome IE. Weight loss, conditioning and strength gains. Intensity, volume and time are all variables that can be changed to alter the outcome of a workout. It is important to understand the sequencing of exercises in order to write a program to suit your needs. Body weight exercises are good because they are functional, progressive and require little or no equipment. To increase the difficulty you can simply increase the percentage of weight being lifted e.g. Raising the feet for press ups.


The order of exercises in a workout carried out is important to the benefits associated with that given workout. For example, to increase calorie burning the program should alternate between upper body and lower body exercise. Sequencing also refers to the order of training with respect to sports performance. Is it beneficial to work on endurance before carrying out speed training etc.


The intensity of sets can be increased by either increasing the weight being moved or by reducing the speed of the movement. For strength gains it is important to increase the weight while reducing the speed will increase the muscular endurance. For power gains the weight must be high and the movement explosive.


When planning a workout it is vital to decide whether you are aiming to lose weight, gain muscular strength or tone up. Weight loss is associated with lower weights but more reps over a longer time, while muscular strength is attributed to higher weights but lower number of reps. The rest between sets is also vital depending on the desired outcome of the workout. The following pages provide movements, workouts and techniques for training separate muscle groups:

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Gym ball

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